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In Over My Bed

How did my son end up sleeping on a foam mattress, on the floor for the last year?  The story starts with a teen boy who wanted to upgrade from a twin to a full size bed.  And a doting grandmother ready to buy him the bed of his choice, on one condition: he had to clean his room first.  

Please understand, this was no normal undertaking.  This is a child who would rather sleep with a dirty dish hidden under a pillow than have it be seen and have to wash it.  I exaggerate, but barely.  Still, he seemed eager for the carrot on the end of the stick.  I listed his bed on Craigslist and found a buyer for the frame, but not the mattress.  

Bed BeforeFast forward a year and a new house later.  The mess has moved with him.  Sloth has won over comfort.  A thrift store find has me trying a new tactic.  Buy the bed and he will come around. 

This headboard is very similar to the $400 one that he wanted from Ikea.  Except that it is decades older, a washed out yellow color and $35.   Um, sold.   I’d even just picked up some dark gray spray paint at ReStore the other day.  Deal!  We’ll still Ikea-bound for the mattress, though, courtesy of doting grandmother.

He’s been eager to move the project along, helping to sand and paint.  However, his design vision means that there are parts I need to do and it’s become a multiday project.  

Here’s where we are so far.  Main color is charcoal gray.  Inside cabinets and the doors are black— the black is all chalkboard paint, so my doodle-happy son can write on it.  We’ll be getting new knobs.  The trim that remains yellow will eventually be the same red that I’ve done the top strip.  I just need more tape and patience to finish that part.  I’ll get on it as soon as that room is clean…

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